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Available courses

This course covers Networking and its Management.

This course will built upon the Linux System Administration and requires that course as a pre-requisite.

This couse will deal with Windows Administration with Windows 7 and Windows XP.

This course will cover the various methods of creating, using, consuming and managing Web Services.

This course deals with HTTP and other protocols commonly used on Internet.

This course includes reading and writing activities that are geared to developing the use of memory, observation and the senses. The aim is to develop your perceptual abilities, honing your capacity to see detail in the world and to be able to communicate your point across effectively. 

English Reading, Writing and Speaking

This course includes reading and writing activities that are geared to developing the use of memory, observation and the senses. The aim is to develop your perceptual abilities, honing your capacity to see detail in the world and to be able to communicate your point across effectively. 

This course aims to make you a powerful presenter who can use charts, diagrams, figures and tables to his advantage.

This course will cover methods and tools to enable us to manage our time effectively.

Let's realise our full potential by transforming ourselves into a 'Producing Consumer' instead of a mere consumer and as an Internet Citizen of the World.

For extra-curriculars including tours, birthday parties, competitions and outings - anything fun.

Also post any jokes and puzzles in the respective forums.

Vidya Mantra Learning Human Resource Policy

This is the place where we cover issues relating to improving the platform itself. It is open to all registered users of the LMS@VM.

There will be guides both for participants and facilitators for making best use of the forum.

Any changes being made to the LMS will be informed here in detail.

There are forums for pointing out deficiencies, suggesting improvements not only in the platform but also how we use it. We value your suggestions and would love to hear from you.

In this course, we will collectively discuss and design the future of our organisation - VM's future.

The course also addresses general programming concerns regarding universal accessibility for the WWW, secure web-programming, writing maintainable code, source code management and collaborating with other programmers.

This course will cover usage of Trac for projects and Scrum.

This will cover essential aspects of Scrum Software Development Framework and our adaptation of the same.

Let's learn to use Moodle in the most effective manner from the point of view of an Administrator.

This course will cover Moodle from the perspective of a Teacher as well as a Course Creator

This course techniques for creating wireframing and mockups for mapping the requirements of the user to a visual flow.

This course will cover the various methods for easily converting a desing to CSS3 version.

Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

This book will cover the Principles of Design in general, not just for Web. The latter are covered in a different course.

This course covers the theory of designing for the web.

This course will be your entry into the world of web as a creator. Start learning the skills to create a website.

This course aims to make you more organised and productive by using general purpose Google tools like Google Mail, Google Search, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

This course is designed to take you through all features of firebug. Once you know them you can practice them and be very effective with your web development 

This course will get you started with Shell Scripting. Towards the end of this course you should be able to write your own shell scripts and enjoy the power of Linux shell.

This course is designed to help you get started with Git version control and use it to manage your code effectively while collaborating with other team members.

In this course, we will learn Linux commandline and tools like grep, sed, vi and other tools of trade.

This will act as a knowledge base - post the solutions that you find, ideas that you come across which help solve a problem here.

Learn and Master Chrome Developer Tools and other developer oriented extension on Google's Chrome browser for debugging your webpages and becoming much more productive with your web development. With Chrome becoming the leading browser, this is a switch which we cannot avoid - and if it is imminent, the sooner the better.

Use the NetBeans IDE to develop like a professional.

This course will introduce Regular Expressions so that we can use them effectively while developing.

This course will cover tools and utilities for general use by everybody including online storage, screenshot and screen capturing software, remote desktop and VPN access.

This will also include various browser add-ons that are useful for general productivity.

Load Testig course.

This is course for readnig Selenium tools.

This Course deals with the advanced JavaScript and Usage including special purpose frameworks and libraries.

This Course will cover JavaScript in a detailed, definitive and complete way for writing robust and modern code and for making effective and efficient use of the JavaScript libraries and frameworks, to the extent of modifying them if required. It is recommended that you are an intermediate programmer to take up this course. However, this can be rigorous introduction to a dedicated beginner programmer as well.

Specific JavaScript libraries and frameworks are covered elsewhere.

This course has beginners / designers as target audience. No programming experience is assumed.

After introducing JavaScript and programming in general, we quickly move on to jQuery to help you become productive ASAP.

This course covers the Moodle Programming so that we can extend Moodle features using the plugin architecture of Moodle.

Coding guidelines and best practices for Moodle will also be covered.

This course will cover programming fundamentals for Drupal. It is essential to be conversant with Drupal Administrative and User Interface for maximum benefit from this course.

This course will cover usage of correct usage of JavaScript and YUI3 on Moodle. We have a separate course for Moodle Programming.


  1. Intermediate knowledge of JavaScript
  2. basic knowledge of moodle programming in php.

The intended audience for this course should know HTML and be able to write small programs in at least one language.

This course will cover programming fundamentals for Python.

This course will cover how to debug and profile PHP.

Debugging with Xdebug debugger, using Netbeans IDE will be covered.

Also covered will be debugging PHP using JavaScript consoles.

Profiling with Xdebug as well as XHProf / XHGui will be covered.

This course will cover the ways to write code which, while meeting the requirements, is easy to change and reuse. Languages used to demonstrate will primarily be JavaScript and PHP.

This course will cover Code Review, especially in connection with:

This course will cover mobile application development using Phonegap / Cordova3 to target multiple mobile platforms writing only once.

This course will cover the techniques for creating and customising themes for Drupal

This course will cover creating and customising themes for Moodle. For other plugins, please refer to the course Programming Moodle.

PHP for Developers course is for beginners and Intermediate learners. This teaches us things we need to know to create effective web applications with latest features.We can get overview of PHP programs and learn language fundamentals.

This course smoothens the learning curve for JavaScript programming for PHP developers. Only recommended for people with existing PHP skills.

Cover Security Aspects of Web Applications

This course will cover how and why to use MongoDB and using it with PHP.

In this course we will cover practical aspects of MySQL including some performance monitoring and troubleshooting.

Here, we will learn about SQL and its use for web applications. Initial database design will also be covered.

Covers various aspects of Web Application Performance

Course for PHP Exams

Exams for CSS

Moodle Exams